Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Creatures

 Some of you will remember the snowman music box.  He plays Love Makes the World Go Round as the little animals dance around him.  He's a real favorite.  Rascal loves to sing along. 
 I've had this woodland Father Christmas for many years, Leonard bought it for me.  I love it because he's surrounded by animals and he's keeping as many warm as he can get under his cape.  The little snowmen have been with us for a  long time.  The one in the foreground goes back to the days that my girls were little. 
This isn't necessarily a Christmas decoration but I think he's reading The Night Before Christmas. 
Just a little bit of my little tray which has a squirrel for a handle.  I think the squirrels have been checking out my Christmas lights on the garland around the front door.  I'll probably find lights buried around the yard in the spring! 

Creatures just seem to be a part of Christmas to our family.  I guess that's because they are  part of the family.  Diane


The French Bear said...

Diane, I love this snowman, I gave one like his to my daughter and how I wish I found more but they don't seem to make them anymore......just love their faces....
Your little mouse is so sweet, and yes, I think he must be reading The Night Before Christmas!!
All your white decorations and your wreath are so pretty!!!! I really enjoy seeing all the beautiful decorations everyone has this year!!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Diane, I love the snowman music box ---but my favorite is the Father Christmas and all of his critters... How special is that!!!!!

Thanks for sharing.

Jane said...

Hi Diane - I love your Christmas pretties! Hope that you are doing well,


Ramblin Rose said...

I just love your little collections. I have the little snowman with the candy cane. Sam Arthur gave Mike and I each one and I still have mine. MY kids always look for that one on my tree-I guess that that one is Christmas (tradition) to them.

Heidi said...

Thats how I feel about my little darlings too!
We do have so much in common Diane.

mudderbear said...

Hi Diane...I love the uniqueness in your pretty ornaments. And I love that you explain why you love them. It makes them very special. I've never seen any like these....they are treasures indeed.