Monday, November 8, 2010

Tiny Nest

A nice thing about the leaves disappearing from the trees - little nests appear that I had no idea were there.  This one is a very tiny little thing in the top branch of a tree.    Diane


Betsy from Tennessee said...

HI Diane, I noticed the same thing today when looking up into a bare tree... I saw a nest --but mine was bigger (probably a squirrels' nest)....

Great picture.

The French Bear said...

If you ever wonder about God's ability to create perfect harmony amongst the species....look closely at a bird's nest......always make me humble.
Even the tiniest of home has structure!!!
Love it!!!
How are you doing Diane? Are you still doing art pages?
I sure hope one day we get to do that together!!!

Heidi said...

That is a sweet one I wonder how many little ones it housed!

Pondside said...

Another treat that comes only with fall - a hidden treasure!

June said...

I have seen many too that I am sure were not there last year, so I am hoping that it means that the neighborhood is growing.
I loved you cute little (big) deer post. They are so thick here that I refuse to drive at night if I can help it. Four of my six children have all hit deer on the highway, but so far I have been able to avoid them. I would love to keep it that way too! That was a wonderful picture of that buck Diane!
hugs to you from here