Sunday, November 21, 2010

Gray Day

It was 10 degrees above today.  This little guy was so cold he had to keep his little
hands in his pockets.
 If you enlarge this you can see a line of Canadian geese running into one side of the picture and out the other.  I counted 95 of them.  They flew over my head this afternoon as I walked, all the honking and noise was wonderful. 
On our walk.  The new coat of snow shows tracks of all kinds.  Gray has its own beauty.  Your eye isn't complicated by color, everything is gray.  It gives you time to think and to brood.  Gray's good sometimes.

Hope you've had a good Sunday.                         Diane


Betsy from Tennessee said...

I love winter, Diane... Sometimes --toward the end of winter, the gray gets OLD. BUT--for the most part, I really enjoy the change.

Great pictures... Glad you got to take a walk... Amazing to see that many geese... WOW!!!!


Heidi said...

Your first snow looks very pretty!

Ruth said...

Yes,we are in the season of grey and white.I like that path and would love to take a walk there.

Jayne said...

Brrrr.... that's a wee bit chilly compared to here. It's still in the 70's during the daytime. Like nobody told fall that FALL is almost over? Keep warm Diane!

The French Bear said...

Well if I knew they were going your way I would have sent a load of goodies with them!!!!!
I love the pic of the squirrel...awww, his hands are cold!!!! I know how that feels!!!