Sunday, October 3, 2010

Thrifty Shopping

On the photoblog which I'm on I joined a theme on the masses.  This week's subject was shopping.
So I naturally posted these on mine.
 I stopped at a garage sale yesterday morning just to take pictures and was surprised how timid I was about asking people if I could photograph them.  Luckily there were two gals there who I knew (surprise!) and Kitty (the one above) was happy to oblige me.  Marabel (in the very top picture) wondered what I was up to. 
This picture is at Habitat for Humanity Restore.  I've known Lorraine for at least 150 years.  The man at the counter is actually an employee who was tickled to pretend that he was a customer, he even got his wallet out and was trying to dicker with her.  It was fun doing this project. 

When you think about it thrift stores, second hand stores, garage sales, and church basement sales account for a huge percentage of the commerce in this country.  I don't know about dollars but there's a massive amount of people who participate.  Even me!            Diane


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Diane, I think any of the ways you can save money is a good thing... Whether it is thrift stores or garage sales, you can usually find some good deals ...

Great pictures, Diane...

Laurie said...

Me too Diane! I love the Habitat for Humanity Restore, we visit regularly. Also the Good Will, have picked up great bargains at both! By the way, your B&W's are fantastic!

Heidi said...

Diane I loved your photos....more important what treasures did you find, Anything exciting.
We tried out a new church today and the Pastors Mom was my 1-3 grade teacher and I worked with his Dad at the Bon Marche, Small world!

I also decorated for Halloween today and Mimi helped.Now I'm off to bed now so Good night Diane sleep tight.

Pondside said...

I love the ReStore too - and The Great Dane is a regular customer. It's the same up here - many people are spending a good portion of their discretionary income at thrift stores and garage sales.

Jane said...

I love thrift stores and am a frequent flyer at Goodwill. I much prefer to shop for clothes at thrift stores as well - can't beat the prices and I often walk away with some good stuff!