Saturday, October 23, 2010

Lions and Tigers and Cats, Oh My!

Here's my fat little cat out on the dining room table to celebrate the upcoming Halloween festivities.  The best thing about him is his spindly little legs, they're so comical.
 And here's a journal page I just finished recently.  It was time consuming cutting out the edge between the letters but I'm really pleased with the way it turned out. 
Hope you're having a good weekend.  Diane


Heidi said...

I love your cat, How do you have time to journal and blog?

Pondside said...

Lovely page, Diane. I am starting to get a feel for what you do - I am very unoriginal, so I am always very interested in seeing what imaginative and talented people do with their gifts.
Cute little Halloween guy too!

Jane said...

I love the journal page and the cat. How long does it take you to do one of those pages??


Jayne said...

I'm with Pondside... I simply don't think in that creative a fashion and am always amazed by your creations Diane!

Wildflower Cabin said...

Your cat is way too cute! He almost looks a bit sheepish about something. Do you think he's trying to keep something from you? :o) Lovely journal page!

T's Daily Treasures said...

Hey Diane, where the heck have I been? I've missed so many of your wonderful posts. My days just aren't long enough. I had planned to do some crafting every day but didn't happen today. I love that you are posting so much of your art pages now. And I adore your cottage. I got a good giggle from the snooper on your front porch. That fat cat is the cutest thing. And those little white pumpkins are so pretty. I haven't seen any pumpkins, white or little or otherwise around here this year. I love all your Halloween decorations. And you are so fortunate to be surrounded by such wonderful wildlife and natural beauty of the land. I hope you are having a great day. Best wishes, Tammy

The French Bear said...

Diane, I love your journal page, it matches your spooky cat!!!! Wow, you put a lot of work into the edging, looks fantastic!