Saturday, October 30, 2010


O.K. - I just had to buy the hat.  It was $5.00.  Satin roses, moss green netting, black netting, little chenille balls, black spiders, black feathers and constructed out of moss green satin.  How could you go wrong?  And my husband was only too happy to take a picture and show people how much of a witch I can be!!  Anyway - it was fun! 


Laurie said...

You make a beautiful witch Diane! And no, I couldn't have resisted buying it either!!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh what a gorgeous witch you are, Diane.... Love the new hat.... Too Cute.

Happy Halloween.

Pondside said...

Wonderful! The kids will love it!

June said...

And what a darling witch you are too Diane!!!
Oh your little great grand is a doll!!!

Jane said...

Great hat! Happy Halloween,


Jayne said...

LOLOL.... What a great Halloween hat Diane!!

Heidi said...

The kids tonight are going to love it! super cute, I wish we got trick or treaters!

The French Bear said...

Ha ha!!! I agree, you make a beautiful witch!!!!
Love the hat!!! Your grandson is adorable, he is so the gorgeous blue eyes!!!
Happy Halloween!

Name: Amanda said...

You should leave that on all year round. It is too cute to take off! xobean