Sunday, October 24, 2010

Gittin' Er Ready

In this picture my husband is tuning up his tractor for snowplowing our driveway (and the neighborhood) this winter.  Last winter he was upset because we only had one snow that was deep enough to plow.  If you'll notice - he's so intent on working on it that he's forgotten his ever present oxygen bottle. 

Colder weather, possibly snow, is predicted for next week so I've been trying to get the yard in shape.  Everybody in the neighborhood has been doing the same thing.  Nothing like a change in the weather to get motivated.             Diane


Heidi said...

We warmed up a bit again , our ever changing weather. It's a perfect winter if we have no snow till after halloween so my fingers are crossed!

Pondside said...

Your dear husband must be a very popular man in your neighbourhood. What a kind thing to do - it only takes one big snowfall to paralyze a street.

Laurie said...

There was a man in our neighborhood that used to do the driveways, but his wife put a stop to it. Bless Len and you for your kindness!

Denise said...

Good morning girl! I wish we had more snow here in this part of the world.. We used to but seems that with each year we get more of the hot air coming from Texas! hahahhaha

I need to do yard work also..


Name: Amanda said...

Leonard looks great! It's good to see him out there getting ready for winter. xobean