Thursday, October 7, 2010

All Day Long Glories

Everytime I walk out into the driveway I'm thrilled at the morning glories.  I've never had such pretty ones. 
I wish you could see them.  The pictures just don't do justice and I
can't seem to get the right angle to show them good.  The entire section
of the fence is covered with them (in spite of my husband backing into it with his
pickup).  There's pink, dark pink, hot pink, lavender, blue, purple, and almost white.
They're growing so exuberantly that they're climbing right up into the pine tree above.  If they
had another month it's hard telling where they would go. And they don'tjust bloom
in the morning but all day long.  


Angela said...

That's funny...I was calling mine, " all day glories" just yesterday! I've got a fence full of the pale blue ones with yellow centers. They just look puny in the photos though. I'm really enjoying them. We would have made lovely neighbors!!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Diane, I'd love to see your Morning Glories in person. I know they must be fabulous!!!! Love your pictures ---and love the title (All Day Long Glories).

Have a great Friday.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

THey sure are pretty.Ys,I would love to see them in person and of course the one who planted them as we.
Have a wonderful day.

Jayne said...

Beautiful! They must really like where they are blooming as they stay cool and bloomed out!

Jane said...

I think you didi a great job of capturing the beauty of your Morning Glories!


Heidi said...

Oh how happy are they smiling at you...

Anonymous said...

They're so pretty, Diane! Enjoy them while you can!!!