Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Some Thoughts on Flowers

Green Envy zinnia
This is a new beebalm I planted last year, when it bloomed it is the most vivid beautiful red.
Every year I love to plant State Fair zinnias, they're huge and bright and colorful.  I planted 18 this year - they never got big.  They're about 2 inches across.  They NEVER did get big.  I called the garden center and she knew exactly what
I was talking about.  She told me that the seed company had sent them this one instead of State Fair - all of them were
wrong.  She said the name of this one is Profusion.  It's profuse allright but very small. 
And now the grasshoppers have come.  Hundreds of them.  I noticed a hollyhock behind my neighbor's house in the alley which had been totally stripped of the leaves and most of the flowers.  I was told that if I keep
my flowers wet the hoppers won't bother them - wrong!  They just get out their bath towels and enjoy the shower! 


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Oh no,hoppers are not welcome in the gardens.

Heidi said...

Everytime I see grasshoppers I think of Moses can you just imagine that many...I know farmers hate them too!

Laurie said...

The zinnias are so pretty Diane! Here, the grass hoppers are also starting to rear their heads, but the biggest problem we have is the Japanese Beetles. They've destroyed everything this year.

Jane said...

Very pretty flowers!


Jayne said...

So very pretty Diane!

Pondside said...

No grasshoppers here yet. They must still be busy down your way. It's a good thing you have an album full of gorgeous flower photos!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Diane, what gorgeous colored flowers. Even if the Zinnias are small ---they are so pretty.

We don't have many grasshoppers around here, thank goodness.... Sorry they love eating the flowers... Darn them!!!!! ha

Great post, Diane.

T's Daily Treasures said...

My 11 year old wouldn't venture outside if he knew there were that many grasshoppers. He has a major bug phobia. We TRIED to hike a nature trail this summer with friends but he cried and screamed the whole way because these crazy bees or flies, not sure what, were buzzing around his head. They were buzzing around everyone but he freaked.

Lovely flowers, even if you didn't get what you were expecting. And what a nice little hike you took to see something so interesting.

Love the photo of the guy painting the fence. The coloring is gorgeous. True point that it doesn't hurt to ask.

Hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday. :) Tammy