Sunday, July 18, 2010


Hi!  I just wanted you to see my new do.  I even got a bath in the kitchen sink.  It's my first bath ever!  My mom says she's embarrassed about that but she was worried about me catching pneumonia or something.  Anyway, the bath was a very interesting experience.  When we were done Mom wrapped me in towels and took me outside in the sun.  I felt so different, my weight had changed, I was cool, I felt sooooooo funny!!! All I could do was take tiny little steps around for a while - pretty soon I started shaking my hair real hard and that made Mom laugh (whatever!!)  I just wanted you to see how handsome I look.  Oops! Here she comes, I better get off the computer.  Rascal


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Thanks Rascal,for sharing your experience.
I hope Diane was not too unhappy with you being on the computer. :)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh what a gorgeous little guy... Hey Rascal---you are pretty, but you know that though, don't you?????


Laurie said...

Rascal turned out just adorable Diane! And I love how he posed for his picture. He's all that and he knows it!

Pondside said...

Dear Rascal
You are a very handsome fellow, indeed. I think Rosie would like you a lot - she likes a fellow who is well-groomed, but not too foppish. I can tell that you're her kind of guy.

Jayne said...

He looks all fluffy and happy!

Jane said...

Good morning Rascal - You are looking mighty handsome with that new bath! I usually run whenever I hear the words "bathtime," so mom takes me to the groomers where they chain me to the sink. Isn't it fun being on the computer when mom is not around? I hacked Jane's blogger account a long time ago, but I don't think that she knows....

love from gunny

Pat Winter said...

Tell me about it! Mom gives me a bath every time I turn around. I hear her tell dad that I ....what is that word???? Oh yes! She says I "smell" then I am off to the tub. I notice she is having a harder time kneeling and one time she stood in the tub and washed me. I ran around her legs making it impossible and laughed the whole time. That will teach her to say I smell. Anyway, you look great and I am off to roll in a dead bug I found the last time I went potty. Stay brave!
Hugs, Angell Winter

Anonymous said...

Glad you posted, Rascal! You are a cutie! Tell Mom 'Hi' from me, K?

The French Bear said...

Ahhhh, cute!!!!
Margaret B