Friday, July 2, 2010

Anniversary and a Thirty One Lb. Salmon

Today, one year ago, I was in the air on the way to Alaska.  I've been thinking about that trip all day long.  I will never forget the wonderful time it was. 
The Alaskan Airline plane landed in Anchorage at about 11:30 p.m. and the sun was still shining on the beautiful water of Cook Inlet and Turnagin Arm.  By the time my time was over Gregg (my son in law) had flown me along Tustemena Lake and the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, around Halibut cove and then on over to Homer and Homer Spit. We had rafted on the Kenai River and we ate at the top of the mountain at Girdwood and a gorgeous place called Seven Glaciers Restaurant.  And that's just for starters.  Between Bean and Gregg  I got a pretty good feeling for the place where they live and it was so, so hard to leave the Land of the Midnight Sun.

Amanda  caught this fish - the first one she ever caught.  It's a 31 lb. King or Chinook Salmon.
She's never killed anything in her life and has been a vegetarian for a long time.
I think her face says it all.
To read more about this read stinkpot studio listed under my Kindred Spirits or 180pz.  


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

You will have these memories forever.Isn't it wonderful that God has given us the gift of memory?

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi, I remember you going on this wonderful trip. When are you going back? I'd go as often as I could!!!!!

Cute picture of Amanda with her fish... Kinda funny for a vegetarian to catch a huge fish!!!!

Happy 4th.

Pondside said...

Yes, her face says it all!
What a wonderful time you must have had up there! The cruise ships headed for Alaska stop in Victoria nearly daily in the summer time. I'd love to jump on!

Jane said...

Alaska is a place that I have always wanted to visit and hopefully I will get there one day. By the way, did you cook the salmon and if so, was it goo??


Jayne said...

I know that must have been so special Diane. I've never been to Alaska, but would love to go someday. How funny that the vegetarian would catch the "big fish!"

Anonymous said...

OhMyGoodness, your trip sounds like it was fantastic. And that salmon!!! :)
I've been working a lot outdoors and have missed visiting, so I'm catching up w/ your posts.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Heidi said...

And you never stopped by to say time I had to give you a bad time!!

Name: Amanda said...

I thought about you and your trip ALL weekend! Gregg and I sat at the SAME table you and I were at 7 glaciers. I was having flashbacks. We had such a great time didn't we? An entire year has passed since your visit! Isn't that amazing? I love you! xobean