Monday, June 21, 2010


First of all I apologize for not wishing a Happy Father's Day to your special dad's in your life yesterday.  So I'm wishing it now and although it's belated it's no less sincere.

You may have heard about the tornado in Billings, Montana yesterday.  My daughter Cathy and her husband live there.  Hannah's still at home and she works at Target. 
The tornado tore through a 3/4 circle swath around Target.  It completely obliterated many businesses and a huge sports and events arena - The Metra.   This was the  building where Hannah graduated less than a month ago which is right next door.  Hannah and the other employees were herded to the back of the building to a safe place until it blew over and nobody was injured and I don't even think there was much damage to Target.  Her car was in the lot and although there was debris everywhere, it didn't even have a dent!  My other granddaughter and her family almost ended up in it getting to safety.  But everyone is OK.  Thank you God.
Below is a video made by someone driving by.  Please know there is some bad language in it.  I weighed it and decided to share it with you anyway.  It was the first video I saw last night on it.


T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Diane, so glad to know that everyone is well and safe. The weather is just incredible. Take care and have a good week. Tammy

Kay said...

So glad to hear that your daughter and her family are safe and that the tornado missed them. I have never been in or seen a tornado in person, but they scare me to death! I live where we have earthquakes.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

I heard about this, Diane, but never connected your daughter and her familiy as living there... GOSH--how scary. Glad they are okay... Are all of their homes okay too???? Mother Nature is rough on all of us this year...

Glad they are okay though.
Like your ROSE blog!!!!

The French Bear said...

Thank God everyone was okay....what were these people doing, driving so close!!!! That is scary!
I get goose bumps when I see stuff like frightening!!!

Margaret B

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Wow!1 The awesome power in a cloud like that.Thankfully,as you say no loves were lost,but the damage is astounding.

Laurie said...

Thank God Diane that everyone is safe. I saw this on the news tonight, and couldn't believe these people staying as long as they did. Everyone is safe, I know it had to be a scary experience not just for them but also you. Terrible!

Jane said...

I'm glad that your family is safe! Great blog.


Jayne said...

Whoa.. THAT is scary stuff. So glad your loved ones were safe Diane.

June said...

Diane I hadn't heard this until now. We just went through Billings to get to Farm Chicks...we went through western Montana and then crossed through northern Idaho and into Spokane. I'm so reliefed to hear that all your family is safe. The video was scary to watch, WOW it was a big one!

mudderbear said...

whoa...that looks frightful. I was just up there a few weeks ago and it's hard to imagine a tornado. And it's strange to see the cars in that video just driving on through it. I am so glad to hear there were no bad events for your family...just a good scare? I am certainly thinking of you and hoping for the best.