Thursday, June 17, 2010


Instead of a beautiful white dress and perfect fingernails and hair, I usually don't look quite like this delicate maiden.  My fingernails are shot! Literally!  Dirty jeans, windblown hair, smelly, sweaty  and smiling from ear to ear.  When I can get out into the yard and  get down in the dirt, pull weeds, rearrange rocks, push bark from here to there in my wheelbarrow and use my own homemade compost*  I'm just as happy as I can be.   My little dog likes to be with me and spends a lot of time watching for turkey vultures lest they should make a pass over our house. The sound of the robins and little house wrens feeding and raising their young, the smell of alyssum and heliotrope, just the right temperature - it just doesn't get any better than this.    Diane

*a constant source of snickering and criticism in my family - UNTIL Leonard used some of it, now he doesn't make fun of it anymore).


Betsy from Tennessee said...

I agree Diane.... It doesn't take a long white dress, perfect fingernails and hair in order for me to be happy. I feel bliss just being ME ---even when I'm in my nightgown sitting on my recliner...

I can feel your happiness just through your writings... I try to do the same things in my writing --but this past month has been difficult due to the PAIN... Not fun--but I'll get through it.


Heidi said...

First I love that you get my humor if your bigger than 8 inches tall, so funny

I love that photo it is bliss and somehow being dirty in your yard seems like bliss too!!!

mudderbear said...

I'm quite sure you live in all sounds so perfect.
I love this picture.

T's Daily Treasures said...

Sounds like bliss to me. :) Happy weekend! Tammy

The French Bear said...

Oh yes, heliotrope....mmmmmm I can smell that soft tender scent of vanilla!!! Love to outside in the garden, wearing a huge hat to shade me from the sun, of course!!! Now if I just had chickens.......maybe a little veggie garden. I would have to make some compost too and hopefully you could help me!!!
Have fun, see you later at the party!
Margaret B

Laurie said...

I'm with you all the way Diane! Me sitting in a white dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? It would be white for 2 seconds! And amen to homemade compost and here's to dirty fingernails!!

Pondside said...

Mentally, I'm the girl in the white dress with the curls bound in a ribbon on top on my head - but in reality I resemble the picture that you paint of yourself!