Sunday, May 2, 2010

Looking for the Best

After my dad died in 1990 my mother remarried. I just can't begin to tell you what kind of person this man was. She was very ill when she left her/my old home and she would not have lived a week more if she had stayed there. It's a long story. I try to write it and it just goes in so many directions. Suffice it to say that getting her into this wonderful, caring home away from his abuse was one of the best things I ever did. (Even then he was there daily to share his nastiness with her and everyone there) It turns out that she was the only one who could ask for him to not be allowed in and she wouldn't do that. He died last Sunday, and she's still in the nursing home after three years. Today I wanted to go over there and see the condition of the house and photograph it for my girls.

This has been a very hard thing.

I'm not going to post any of the photos here. I don't want them to contaminate the goodness of my blog. IT WAS AWFUL!!!

To try and sweeten the day I got a few other pictures.

An old orchard getting ready for spring.

We rarely see sand hill cranes but happened on 5 or 6 on the way home.

We went off the road a ways to let Rascal get some fresh air and I saw this tiny little old building.

I guess I took a picture of myself here. This big blown up turkey was standing along the highway so Leonard turned around and went back so I could get some shots of him. Boy! Was he strutting!



Heidi said...

Oh how sad for your Mom to have lived with such a person, It makes me happy to know she had other loving people around her!!
May Jesus bless her days...

Pondside said...

Diane, I'm so sorry to read that you had to see your old home in a sad state. I can only imagine the heartache you had for your mother through all those years.
Thinking of you

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I am so sorry.In part I do understand what can happen when a step-parent joins the family.My step-mother was not someone who helped my dad at all.I will leave it at that.I enjoyed the pictures,there is always something beautiful to see and photograph.Hope your week ahead will be wonderful.
PS,I must add that Jake also had a step=mother,and she was and is a most wonderful person.We love her.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Diane, I'm sorry about your mother --but as you know, SHE made that decision (to marry him, allow him to abuse her, and allow him to visit her in the nursing home). I know it hurts terribly---and to see the condition of HER/YOUR home has to be horrible.

What will happen to the house now? Can you sell it as is ---or can it be fixed up??? Do you have siblings to help you with these decisions? I'm so sorry for what you have been through and what you may have to go through.

We'll have a HUGE mess when Mom and Dad Adams are gone ---and we have to get rid of the crap in their house.... That will be very hard.

Glad you saw the turkey and the cranes while on your trip... Gorgeous pictures.

My Dream Garden said...

Hi, Dianne. I'm a new follower. My heart went out to you and, especially, to your mom, as I read your blog. Sounds like a few movies I've seen, and life is truly captured in some of those movies. It's so sad. I enjoyed reading. I hope you might stop by mine, sometime. I'm at Keep writing and we'll keep reading!

Jayne said...

It must have been very difficult to see your home place looking like that Diane. We sometimes will never fully understand why things happen they way they do. I am just happy for your mom that she has been in a better place these past three years.

The Rustic Victorian said...

That is sad, such a waste of a human being, and hurt to many others, it's all hard to understand.
I am glad you are thinking on pleasant things like wildlife...what a big turkey!
Thank you for your comment on my blog.
Blessings in your day

Laurie said...

The loss of a family member is always hard Diane, but in this case, your mother now has her remaining years to live in peace. I'm sorry about your home, but the pictures you shared with us instead are awesome. I love the shed in the woods. Would be beautiful in black and white, matted and framed! The turkey and cranes are great! At least the end of the journey gave you some peace.

Jill said...

Beautiful photos Diane. They make up for the sadness that I see you are feeling.

The French Bear said...

Diane, how sad, that's a hard one......your poor Mom, she must have been confused....and lost in a way.
What a tough thing to do, you are right though, change the subject and sweeten it with wonderful pictures....look at that turkey....ha ha! The cranes are so lovely!
Margaret B