Sunday, May 23, 2010


These aren't family heirlooms - they've been picked up over the years at yard sales or flea markets. They couldn't be more loved if they'd been in the family for generations.

Yesterday I washed them and hung them in the beautiful morning sun. It was sheer poetry to see them fluttering and dancing to the music of the breeze from their makeshift line. Diane


Heidi said...

How lovely, I love linens that was my first job selling linens. Hope your weekend was lovely!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Beautiful Diane...... I love to smell linens that have been hung on the line to dry... I grew up with a mother who hung clothes out on the line every Monday. Then she ironed on Tuesday.

You heirloom linens and lace are fabulous. Glad you have them all.


Laurie said...

They're so beautiful Diane, I still love hanging my linens on the line and watching the breeze blow through them.

mudderbear said...

That is just Fabulous...and so nice that you have pictures. I swear you must live in a little corner of Heaven somewhere.

Jayne said...

What a lovely collection Diane!

Check out Michelle Palmer's blog and see all the beautiful things she's creating on old linen/lace.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I have always enjoyed seeing clean laundry on the line.The lace is lovely.

Jill said...

Beautiful Diane. You can't find linens like those anymore. A treasure!
Hope everything is good with you.

Pondside said...

Is there anything nicer in the linen closet or drawer than line-dried linen? What a pretty picture that makes!

Anonymous said...

These are gorgeous, and nothing smells better than line-dried linens!
Have a happy day,

June said...

There is nothing more beautiful to me than white linens hanging on the line in someones lawn. I love these shots Diane. Just one of life's simple joys!