Friday, April 30, 2010

Furry Friends Friday

You might think that I'm just a dog person but I love all animals and have had many cats in my lifetime too. Even a little canary I took in which would have been a casualty in a divorce. Creatures keep me balanced (or unbalanced.) My dogs have always adored me like I was the most brilliant, wonderful, amazing person in the universe. I love them beyond measure. Each of my cats was a beautiful creature. If cats can be loving they were. Most of them! Cats have always taught me who was really the boss, they have ignored me if they felt like it, they come to me IF they feel like it, they're the regal ones in the household. I've never given any of my animals up easily, everytime one died I felt like a piece of my heart was ripped out.

I couldn't find the original of this so I'll just mangle it myself and give credit to the author.

The dog says "she feeds me, she gives me a warm place to sleep, she pets me, she sees to my needs, she must be God."

The cat says "she feeds me, she gives me a warm place to sleep, she pets me, she sees to my needs, I must be God." Diane


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Cute comparison on dogs and cats, Diane.... I had a cat while growing up. I loved Snowball--but she was never as loving as my dog (Duchess) was. Duchess won my heart!

I knew that you loved ALL animals... I can tell --just by what you say!!!! You are an incredibly loving person!

Heidi said...

cute poem and I love the post card!
Happy May Day!

Laurie said...

Your quote is so true, and really made me laugh. Our pets bring so much love and fun into our lives, and for me, lots of company!

Pondside said...

What a sweet post card.
Your love of animals shines through so many of your posts. I love all our animals too, and see the responsibility for them as a gift. I wish we could have a cat, but our Lillypad is terribly allergic to cats. I like to leave food out for the feral cats that sometimes hang around, but they won't let me get close at all.
That poem is perfect!

June said...

This post grabbed my heart today Diane. I adore the quote and true it is! It is funny how our dogs have always bonded to me and follow me everywhere I go in and out of the house. Hubs, not so much. I think he's jealous. hehe
your sanctuary looks wonderful in that light!!!