Saturday, March 6, 2010


Today I watched a dove in one of my flower beds as she pecked around in the dry leaves and tiny sticks trying to find just the right size. From all indications she was searching for nesting materials. Birds all over the neighborhood are chittering and carrying on, happy to be back in their nesting grounds, happy to see each other again after their long flights.

The ice is reluctantly melting, leaving in it's wake a muddy mess.

Even though it seems slow, I think spring is arriving. Diane


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Yeah!!! Nesting birds is a sure sign of spring,now if only our snow would hurry up and melt.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh Yes---Spring is coming. The birds are singing loudly. They are looking for nesting places... I LOVE it!!!!

Thanks be to God. Spring is coming!

June said...

Hi Diane,I have doves all over to. I love the doves,such sweet birds and beautiful too. I saw a robin two days ago. It's gettin' here.

I loved Carol's mother's style. In fact thats who inspired mine, even more than Carol's. Didn't you just love all her little slipcovered childrens chairs. And her browning chippy plates hanging on her walls.
I don't know if Rose is still alive, but she is so cute.

Laurie said...

Yes Spring! Our drive and yard right now are a muddy mess where the snow has melted, but at least I know that Spring is approaching, and I can't wait!!

Jayne said...

Let's hear it for spring!!!!! I think this is my very favorite time of year, hands down. :c)