Sunday, March 14, 2010

How Could I Resist?

I went to the store to pick up some eggs. The last thought on my mind (well, almost) was buying flowers. I stopped by the flower stand to say hi to the flower girl who's a sweet friend. Glancing over her shoulder I saw these roses. She made me a good deal and here they are. Never have I seen a rose like this, maybe it's because I live in a remote area. They're hot pink, pink, yellow, coral, peach and maybe even off white. They aren't the full sized tea rose and they aren't the small spray roses. I thought I'd share them with you, aren't they pretty!!


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

These are sooo beautiful,they almost don't look real.I love the mottled colors.I just bet they smell lovely too.Thanks for sharing them,it brought a smile to my face.

The French Bear said...

OMGoodness those are darling, what gorgeous roses, yes, I couldn't pass them up either!!!!
I am sure they will be just as lovely when they dry too!!!
Margaret B

Heidi said...

Oh wow, Roses they are so Beautiful!! when ever I'm a little down man can flowers give you such a boost and they last a little longer than chocolate too my other booster, Hope you had a great weekend.

Name: Amanda said...

WOW! These are lovely! I hope they last a long time!

They look like they are sweet smelling too-xobean

Betsy from Tennessee said...

They are beautiful, Diane..... I wouldn't be able to resist them either.... Do they smell good???? Can't wait til May when we'll have some roses blooming in our yard... Yeah!!!!

Have a great Monday.

June said...

Diane I am so glad that treated yourself to these beautiful things. Isn't it wonderful having them around? I love fresh flowers. I've gotta have them, just like chocolate.

Jayne said...

OH my! Those are gorgeous Diane! I could not have left without them either. :c)