Saturday, March 13, 2010

Catching the Days

I look so forward to journaling each day.
This is a couple pictures of a few that I've covered with various kinds of papers. They're just the basic black and white notebooks that you can pick up most anywhere for less than $2.00. Then I cover them and decorate the pages as I go along.
Besides journaling I do mixed media art and keep those in stacks of books. Between all of the stacks they're very heavy and cumbersome. They've taken on a life of their own....What will happen to my journals when I'm gone.....who will take care of them.....and "I hope it will be good reading and not the ramblings of a crazy lady". They do have a practical purpose and then they settle an argument as to when something happened and it sure feels wonderful to be right once in a while.


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Your journals look like so much more than just the events of the day.These are a work of art,and will certainly be treasured by all who read them.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh how I love your journals, Diane. I've told you this before. You are just so creative. I hope you have a grandchild --or someone in the future---who will keep your journals... They are such good Family History.... I love reading my Mom and Dad's old letters. SO interesting. And my great grandfather left a journal --which is still in the family. SO special.

Keep on writing and creating.

June said...

Well Diane if they do read them and think they are the ramblings of a crazy lady, at least they will know that this crazy lady made beautiful I love your journals, the are so pretty.
Thank you so much for the mail.

Jayne said...

Again, I know that your girls will be so blessed to have such a wonderful part of you, and your spirit will live on in the journals you leave behind. :c)

Name: Amanda said...

All of your blogging friends have it right! I couldn't agree more.