Friday, March 5, 2010

Button, Button, Who's Got the Button?

Remember that game from when you were a child? Easily played, all you needed was a button.

My first husband was involved with the Jaycees which caused me to be there, too. It was then, back in the 70s, that there was a state meeting which we were going to attend at Cody, Wyoming. Getting ready to go I picked up his jacket and my trench coat (it was the 70s!) and we packed everything in the car. Away we went.

We attended a banquet and I carried my coat because it was still warm out. After the banquet and some drinks our group gathered to go somewhere else a little more livelier. I got my coat from the rack and when I put it on----there weren't any buttons!!! Buttonholes but no buttons! "I don't have any buttons", I said in shock. Nobody took me seriously and laughed and joked because they thought the liquor had affected me. I was the only one who took me seriously. I was dumbfounded. It practically ruined the evening - what had happened to my buttons?

When we got back home after the weekend I found out that whatever they cleaned my coat with at the cleaners had dissolved my buttons. Diane


Laurie said...

Too funny Diane! I never heard of such a thing! Ah yes, the trench coat days. My boyfriend had one, and he smelled really good in it. Now that's a blast from the past!

Pondside said...

Now that's a story for family lore!
My mum always had a button jar and I've tried to nurture one - sort of like that friendship cake that used to go around...I'm always hoping that my button supply will expand and become interesting.

June said...

Diane that is just freaky to think about. We wear that stuff close to our skin...see? Freaky!

That mountain range is beautiful. I think the picture is great. I feel very blessed to have views like this out my windows too.

Jayne said...

LOL Diane!! I've never heard of that happening either.

Hey, I was a big Jaycee girl at one time and loved it!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh My Diane... I've never heard of that. I was thinking that someone who just wanted some buttons had cut all of yours off of your coat....

Did the cleaners make it right for you???? Wonder what kind of cleaning stuff they used --that would dissolve buttons???? ha