Monday, February 1, 2010

Our Family

This is my husband. He battles an awful disease 24 hours a day. WE battle it. The disease is lupus. His lungs bleed and his energy fails him constantly. Still he tries to go on a service call every day, he tries to find answers, he doesn't give up. This isn't a very clear picture, I took it from a ways off. Neither he nor Rascal knows that I'm taking it. That's what I wanted, a totally candid shot of them on their normal walk (yes Rascal gets two walks a day). The ever present oxygen tank is also a member of the family - without it
Leonard couldn't breathe. But right now we try to live our lives as normally as we can. Here he is trying to decide what to spend his cards on at Home Depot. Notice the tank is in the cart.
Of course, this is Rascal, he's the second puppy we've had to live his life with oxygen hoses. They learn not to chew or bite them. He does get pretty upset when the hose comes too close to him. He jumps up and growls at it for the offense.
This is my precious husband and my little dog. This is the life we live. This is normal for us.


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Pondside said...

The words that come to mind from this post are ' love bears all things' - yours for him shows in your care and his for you in his determination to keep on going.
I loved the envelope on your last post - what a combination of the beautiful and the practical.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

I am proud of him, Diane. People with diseases like that either GIVE UP or they keep on living the best that they can. Looks like your 'Precious' keeps on keeping on. And that is such a good thing...

I am proud of you also---since I'm sure life isn't always easy for you...

God Bless You, my friend.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Diane,thank-you for sharing this part of your life.Stay strong as you together with Leonard go on in this struggle.

The French Bear said...

Diane, I never knew that your husband suffers from Lupus too. You can tell how much you love him by the care and praise you have in your post.
I hope that they find a cure, right now I live on a big handful of meds and injections every week..... I can't imagine having the oxygen tank, he seems to be taking that all in stride, I love how Rascal is so close to him!
Margaret B

Name: Amanda said...

I love this post.

Name: Amanda said...

i love this post. I love the three of you. -bean

Jill said...

Diane....big (((Hugs))) for you and Leonard. Sometimes life isn't always fair but there is always a reason for everything and the love that you two have is what holds everything together and can weather anything that comes your

Jayne said...

It's why we have to breathe in (literally) each and every day and be thankful. Hugs to you Diane...

June said...

Diane, I think these photos are so precious. It is a hard thing to live with I'm sure. I have a close friend who is 32 who has had two heart attacks so far because of her lupus and a niece who is 34 who has just been diagnosed. It has got to be a difficult illness to cope with, but you do it so well my sweet friend. Never a complaint have I ever heard from you. Only positive posts and wonderful reads.
You have a beautiful family my dear.

oldgreymare said...


This post is so real, so honest, I could feel the sense of your heart through your words. WOW! I am knocked over. You grabbed me girl. Now I'm going to pour a second cup of joe and settle in and read all about you and your life. A perfect Sunday distraction,


josh said...

I was catching up on your blog and came across this post and it is amazing. Thank you for sharing your lives, it brings everything into a sharp focus and truly illustrates what is important. I hope to meet you all soon.
(stay warm)