Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Living In/With An Old House

Our little house was built in 1898. You'll notice I said little. We have done much over the years to make it a cozy and welcoming place. Rewiring, re plumbing from time to time, different light fixtures and sink immediately when we moved in. Leonard cut a skylight through the kitchen ceiling and 2 roofs which opened up dark corners which had never seen light. Many things, it's staggering really how much has been done. Each thing that is done is so wonderful. I don't think I could ever leave this house - each thing that he has done just makes it more and more special, whether it's a new switch plate or a needed outlet. Diane


Betsy from Tennessee said...

HI Diane, Old houses are built so much better than the newer ones. You are lucky to have an older home ---which you have updated to make it all YOURS. I'm not surprised that you don't want to ever leave it. It's just part of you, isn't it?????


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Oh, I love old house,they have so much character.The memories held within those walls are priceless.

June said...

Oh I hate being away for so long. I have missed so many great posts Diane.
I lost a couple of dear friends this past week and had memorials to attend and didn't make it around to all my favorite blogs.
I think when we have a lot to do to a house it actually brings us closer to that house. I am one of those that believe homes have a soul.

Laurie said...

I'm with June, Diane, homes do have a soul. And the older ones seem to have so much character, a charm that newer homes have to create over time. Our home is only 12 years old, and needs so much done already before I can really feel homey here. Enjoy your little home.

Name: Amanda said...

I love your house! It is sweet and cozy and I always feel at home there. You've both made it very homey. xobean

Jayne said...

Wow Diane, if those walls could only talk? Can you imagine the history? :c)