Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Have you ever considered the perfect design of a honeycomb or a wasp's nest? For thousands of years the design has remained the same. Each cell is exactly the same size and fits exactly together with the others around it. One tiny mess-up and the whole design would come out wrong.

How can I look at that and wonder at all if God has a perfect plan for me? Diane


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

It amazes me to think that some people would say that God does not care about us.Every cell in nature points to a loving,caring God.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Think about this big ole universe we are part of... We are no more than a SPECK--when you think about the vastness of our universe. I'm sure in God's eyes though, we are perfect (even when we don't feel very perfect)... ha


The French Bear said...

I believe He does!
margaret B

Denise said...

Beautiful...... He's got the whole world in HIS hands He's got the whole wide world in HIS hand.....

I am in a singing mood today!

Pondside said...

........and we think we make art.....we think we are in charge...we think we have all the answers.
Well, a close look at a honeycomb, a wasps nest or a seashell reminds us that we are really just a little bit of a very complicated plan!

Jayne said...

I often marvel at the construction of things in nature too Diane.

June said...

What a beautiful post Diane. your bowl of nests is pure art! Thank goodness that God is the one in control.