Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Calling Forth the Riches of the Day

I'm thankful for the thousandth time for my little camera which I can capture a few images for the day. There's always something beautiful, something interesting, something to be grateful for. Today I went to the park which is a little over two blocks from our house. This bull elk, who I call His Majesty, was high enough on the hill so I could get an open shot of him even though he is in the pasture. The little deer is so precious. I think it was hurt a few years ago and they put it in with the elk and it's still there, probably just as well because it comes right up to the fence to see if you brought some apples so it just wouldn't last in the wild.
The shot of the bird feeder was caught just as the sun was coming up and it looks like it's lit up from inside.


Pondside said...

The image of the feeder is quite mysterious and beautiful - it looks like a beacon, especially in the context of the title you chose for the post.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Beautiful images.The Elk is a majestic animal.Hope you are having a wonderful day.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Great pictures, Diane.. The 'lit' bird feeder is a neat picture.. AND I always enjoy seeing the deer, and the elk. Great pictures!!1

Jayne said...

He is a handsome fellow, and look at that rack!!

Denise said...

That Elk is just something to see.. You are blessed to be among the creatures of God........ I have a few deer in my back field.. I love watching them.... We have a lazy bob cat that comes up to my wall in the summer time and stretches out in the sun..... Now I love watching him but my birds scatter..

Have a wonderful weekend girl..... Our weather is going to be in the 60's.... I cannot wait!

Name: Amanda said...

You're lucky to have these beauties in your backyard. I would spend far too much time at the park if I lived there - watching these gorgeous creatures.

Nice pics - xobean