Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Winter Chill

It's not as cold here as it was for a while, hanging right around 0. The last few days it's been around 27 degrees. That's cold enough. Diane


Jayne said...

He's so cute!! Keep warm!!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Stay warm and well my friend.The New year is at our doorstep and spring will follow in time.

June said...

That is one cute little figurine Diane. I'd say that's definitely cold enough! We got a couple of inches snow throught the night and the temps are in the twenties. Stay warm my friend.

Heidi said...

our temps dipped down last night. We have been so warm for a while it was great.I love your sailor man.Thank you for all your sweet comments.I love yor poem, also
Happy New Year and many Blessings.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Cute little guy--but he does look COLD. 27 is cold enough!!!! Right now, it's 35 and raining here. Yuk!!!!