Monday, December 14, 2009

Strange Animal

We have a very strange animal at our house. It looks like a dog, in fact it looks a lot like Rascal, but it has a toilet paper core snoot.

This has always been an endless fascination for Rascal. When he was a tiny little puppy he would beg us for the end of the roll and run around the house with the core stuck on his nose like he was really doing something great. Now he still loves to get it, he's not quite sure why now but memories are there of when he loved it so much. Diane


The French Bear said...

He is so adorable, even with a cone stuck on his nose!!!!
Margaret B

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Silly doggie.... They are just like children though... We pay big bucks for children's toys and what do they want to play with???? Our pots and pans!!!! ha ha....

Rascal obviously loves that little toilet paper ring... Good for him!!!!