Friday, December 18, 2009

One By One

Before the season begins and we look forward it seems that we have zillions of things to do. We'll never get it done!! We can't do all that!! Then slowly but surely things do get done. Packages get mailed, gifts bought, house gets cleaned - kinda, house gets decorated, things get moved around, things get moved around some more. Then magically tasks begin to be enjoyable and they don't seem never-ending, something happens where you begin to enjoy the process.
Gently, peacefully Christmas descends.
May you have peace and beauty.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Yes Diane, we somehow do get things done---because Christmas won't wait. It comes on the 25th of December every single year. AND --just think.... A week from right now, Christmas Day will almost be OVER. It comes and go---just like our lives...

Have a wonderful weekend, my friend.

The French Bear said...

Oh how true, I am going to love it when that moment comes!!!! Thanks for being so supportive and sweet!!!
Margaret B

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Having a busy day today,our family get together is tomorrow,I took a few minutes to sit down at the computer.This is the first blog I read and already I feel myself relaxing.Thanks,that's what friends are for.:)

June said...

Hi Diane,
I LOVED this! Yes, it's amazing how IT happens, but IT does happen. Except the cleaning part, around here anyway.

SweetAnnee said...

I love pulling out my boxes of Christmas
Treasures..and thinking of when they were acquired..who made them..and how sweet
the love of God is