Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Jewel for Christmas

I had this chandelier at the store when we closed and I brought it home and have had it in my cottage, not working but hanging from the ceiling.

Leonard spent yesterday afternoon and this morning rewiring it and making it safe so I could have it in the dining room. I think it looks so beautiful, almost like another Christmas tree.



Betsy from Tennessee said...

Gorgeous chandelier Diane.... Glad Leonard fixed it so that you all can enjoy it. You are right---It looks like Christmas.


Jayne said...

My MIL had one in her dining room that she was so proud of, and I vividly remember trying to clean all those little crystal drops...whew! It looks beautiful Diane!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Diane,that is spectacular.I am sure you will enjoy this for many years.

The Pink Birdhouse said...

Hi Diane, I am delighted that you found my blog through June's. I love it when I am able to meet new people thru blogger and share in a bit of your life through posts and comments! Wyoming, it was one of my father's favorite places to visit. I never got to see your state but heard many a good thing from Dad all those years ago. Thank you for the kind and comforting comment on the loss of our dear Peaches. We are adjusting to life wthout him in it, holding his memory dear. I love your chandelier!! I have a soft spot for them anyway, cuz my mother always had one in our diningroom and it was a treasured possession of hers, especially at Xmas time when she decorated it fancy for the holidays! And I had to smile about your description of putting the tree up for the holidays and making room, only to turn the house into a chaotic mess in the process! Souns JUST like here at our house. We put the tree up this weekend, and I am just today getting the rest of the mess put to rights. Have a good start to your week. warmly, Debby

Name: Amanda said...

Chandeliers are the candy in a room for sure! I need a Leonard around to make my house pretty!


Dolly said...

Diane Thank you for the beautiful PINK dove ornament!
I received it today and it looks very beautiful on the tree!
{Your package of goodies should arrive in your mailbox any day}

I have a chandelier just like that,
I have been waiting for hubby to hang in my dinning room....Can I borrow Leonard?

Thanks for sharing
Hugz, Dolly