Monday, December 7, 2009

The Little Snow People Have Arrived

It was bleak and cold today the thermometer said 3 degrees mid morning but the Snowbabies got out of their boxes and were so happy to get here to celebrate Christmas with us.

They frolicked and turned somersaults in the snow. Some of them are building snowmen and some have found new friends to play with. They haven't been here for a few years and it was so fun to see them.

The Snowbabies were gifts from over the years but it's harder to find them anymore. However they're quite content to have the friends they have - all except one who has to take time out. I can't imagine anything bad that he could have done. Diane


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

These little guys are really cute.They do like like miniature snowmen.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh Diane---they are precious... I was trying to click on the picture to make it larger --so that I could see them up close, but it wouldn't work.

I love them... They picked a perfect day to come out to play... Your weather sounds snowy and cold...

Our snow is gone today. It warmed up and we had some rain.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hey, I got the first three pictures to expand---so I got to see some of the Snowbabies close up... Love that little one sitting on a big stool (next to the Christmas tree)... Cute!!!!

I love your Snow Babies....

Thanks for sharing them.

Heidi said...

I love your snowbabies also,their so sweet. I like how you displayed them but the biggest thanks for noticing the houses .I'm crazy about them.You and I maybe the only ones.I'll post some more of the shop. Have a great day.

Jayne said...

What a great collection you have Diane!

Jill said...

Those snowbabies are precious Diane. I only have one and it is the snowbaby on the sled.

Jeanne said...

I love snowbabies too
I collect them as well.