Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Long Ago

Christmas Day to me is a conglomeration of all the ones which have been before.

The Christmas I was in the first grade my brother was born on Christmas Eve. Even though my sister, Jennie, and I were uprooted and shuffled off to Grandma and Grandpa's up the street we didn't care, all the better, and we got a baby brother, Mike, for Christmas.

Then there were the Christmas's when we watched the bubble lights, and the church programs where Jennie and I always ended up the angels even though it was a bit of a mistake in casting. The Christmas when Mother went on a snickerdoodle rampage and made hundreds (it seemed) of dozens of snickerdoodles! Christmas when my girls were growing up and how wonderful it was to have them with me, of me learning to put a bike together in the middle of the night, working at the flower shop until my legs felt like stubs, the girls and I making cookies, the year the cat kept knocking the tree down.

One of the sweetest memories of growing up was probably from the age of 6 to about 12. We didn't have much money and growing up we ate a lot of wild game - elk and deer. Grandpa saved the hides and then they were turned in for money to a company which dealt in things like that. For some unknown reason Jennie and I always thought that hide money was ours??????? I guess because Grandpa said it was and we rode down to the place with him to collect it. Grandpa split the money between us and we both ended up with about 7 or 8 dollars. We would spend the next day Christmas shopping at the dime store for EVERYONE. We bought things for our siblings, Mother and Daddy, Grandma and Grandpa, our uncle, our dogs, the neighbors, our friends. Then we'd come home and wrap everything. We really stretched those dollars and had so much fun.

This day was very quiet and I guess a good day to think about these things. Diane


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

These are memories that will last a lifetime.I remember the Bubble lights at the school Christmas concert.I was fascinated by them.I can still smell the room on the day of the concert.Ah,the memory.

aknor said...

Merry Christmas to you, Diane!!!
We are having a quiet Christmas, too...which is not all bad!
Have a great 2010, Diane!!

The French Bear said...

So many memories, that is the wonderful part of the season, let it take you back and remember. sounds like you and your sister were very resourceful!
I have nine siblings, sometimes we didn't have gifts but I don't remember being sad, it always seemed like it was a happy time.
Margaret B

Jayne said...

What lovely memories Diane... :c)

June said...

Oh Diane what awesome memories to have through the years. I love the hide money story. That was a sweet thing for your grandfather to do you for you girls.
I'm so glad you were in a nostalgic mood today, because I loved reading about your sweet childhood memories.

Denise said...

Memories ..... they keep us warm at night when all we have is a blanket... don't you think? I have two brothers and one sister but there is only one brother that will be here tomorrow.. As for the other two they are BUTTS! hahahhahah and they have been butts for many years now...... I guess it is ok with me but I see such hurt in my Dad's and Mom's eyes.... They have not spent a Christmas with them in over 15 years now...... and the brother lives 20 minutes away and the sister is only an hour away..... I have no idea what is wrong with hearts...

But we will have a great day and mom and dad will laugh and forget that there are two missing , at least they will pretend.....

Happy New Year my friend.....

Name: Amanda said...

What lovely memories!!! One of my favorite memories is when you made me a doll house! I loved that thing. You put so much work into it . . . and I really appreciated it. I also loved the stockings - that was my favorite part of Christmas. I'm simple - I know.