Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tip of the Iceberg

So many things I want to do, friends to spend an hour or so with, so many ways to express art. One winter I spent all my free time teaching myself calligraphy, the old English type, now in looking at other writing styles I like some of the other forms of calligraphy better for what I want. Making things come out the way I want them to, there's so much to do yet, so much to explore just in my own backyard. People I meet ask me, "Now that you're retired, don't you get bored?" Oh, my gosh, no, I've only just begun.


The French Bear said...

That is so beautiful! You are right, there is a lot to do yet.....
Margaret B

Laurie said...

I agree Diane, and I'm ready to follow that journey with you.
Tomorrow is furry friends Friday! Can't wait to see Rascal!

Jayne said...

I had a calligraphy class in high school and LOVED it. I love that you are always trying and learning new things Diane!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Amen to that, Diane. I never get bored either... The day runs out before I'm finished going through my list!!! ha

That's neat that you know how to do calligraphy.. I could never do that--but I love seeing people that can do it!!!! When we gave Bibles to our 6th graders in the church where I worked in Texas, we had a lady who could do calligraphy. SO---we had her put their names and the date in the new Bibles. SO pretty!!!!


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Retirement sounds like so much fun.Now you actually have the time to explore all those things that were put on hold in your working years.Have fun.