Friday, October 30, 2009

Where Did the Feed Go?

First it was one, now another of my Day Brighteners that no longer show updates. It makes me mad because I depend on them (I shouldn't) to see if the blogger has made a new post. Is anyone else having this problem? Diane


Deborah@ The Painted Nest said...

I do hope my absence has caused you distress. I've really had alot going on in my life and some of it at the hands of other bloggers. I'm really having a hard time with this at the moment. I'm prayfully seeking His help on the matter. Please this has nothing to do with you, I'll email you later and explain. It's blogs like yours that (I) draw strength from in times like these!! We ALL NEED EACH OTHER~!!! So take comfort, sometimes it's others who are going through things and are just being quite to hear from God or just healing or taking a break from blogland to gather themselves. At any case I wouldn't take it to heart. I for one would love for you to pray for me as I seek direction from my FATHER!! ~~~Taking some time to heal!!~~~~Much love and prayers, Deborah

Laurie said...

Half the time they don't show up on my blog either Diane, so I just started checking on my dashboard. I'm finding less and less of the ones I follow or put on the actual blog don't update like they should. Some are days old!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

So far I've had no problem.I have the Google Reader on my home page,so I always know when someone has made a new post.Hope you get this figured out,it can be frustrating.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Diane, I've tried several things--but the one that works best for me is the Blogger Dashboard. It updates all of my followers' blogs ---and usually does a pretty good job. By clicking on their post, you can also go straight into that post --instead of going through their profile. That saves a few steps also.

IF you ever make changes to your followers' list (add one or delete one), you have to update it also on your blog. It doesn't update automatically. Duh!!!

Happy Halloween.

The French Bear said...

Sadly, I have to look at my dashboard too.... so computer challenged, it's pathetic!!!! Hope you figure it out!
Margaret B