Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Good Morning

I couldn't get on the computer last night or even use the phone and even my husband missed going online (he's getting like the rest of us). Communications were out from about 2:00 p.m. I really hate to think what would happen if none of us had communications indefinitely, we're so dependent on them, they're so much a part of our lives.

In this case they were working downtown somewhere and cut a huge line.

AND I'm back on and I want to say hi to you, I've missed you. Have a wonderful day.


Jill said...

It's an awful feeling when that happens. It feels like we are cut off from the rest of the world. Now what did we do before we had all of these electronics.....hmmm, I am going to have to think about that one:)
Have a great day Diane.

Laurie said...

What a beautiful picture Diane! Missed you yesterday, I'm glad it was fixed. I go through blog withdrawls easily, so I can relate! You also have a great day!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

What caused your power outage??? Bad weather???? Don't you hate it when that happens, Diane?????

Looks like a gorgeous morning in your neck of the woods though... Hope you had a great day.

Jayne said...

Like you Diane, I'd feel lost without my "connections" to the world! Welcome back my friend and have a wonderful day!

SweetAnnee said...

Glad you're back..It's hard to do without music and a PC. Thanks for being such a sweet friend.

I love your "spooky" decor.
I didn't put much out..but what I did..I love..


Daisy Cottage said...

YOU are such an important part of my life as a dear blogging friend AND sweet sweet soul. Thank you Diane for being there for me and for being you.