Friday, October 23, 2009

Facing the Truth

Me a year ago
A very unflattering picture of me was put on a blog lately and it made me have to face a lot of truths. Yesterday I was shocked, I cried, I kept looking at that awful fat woman that was me in the picture. Then I looked back at my pictures. I'm either holding Rascal in front of me, hiding behind some flowers or have edited it to just show my shoulders up. I've looked at those "nice"pictures until I began to believe that's what I look like. We don't have a full length mirror and I seldom look at myself in store mirrors. I was happy with my image. Until I saw this picture - YUK!
Now I have to face the truth. That IS the way I look. Someone thoughtlessly chose to put a bad picture of me on the internet-that's their bad choice and I doubt if it bothers anyone but me. How I deal with my real self is what matters. I don't think I'm vain but maybe I am. I know God loves me the way I am and I know He wouldn't want me to hate my body because it is a creation of His. I could take better care of myself, maybe that's the good that came out of this thing. Diane


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

First let me say,when I opened this blog,I saw a woman with a warm welcoming smile.I know,I don't like pictures of me either,just too much of me there.I do know that what truly matters is the inside.Hope you will have a wonderful weekend,you deserve it.

Deborah@ The Painted Nest said...

I think you're Beautiful!!! I'm not the girl I used to be. I'm 53, I've had 5 children. When I married I was a size 3. Today I'm in a 14~16. I'd love to be smaller, but this is who I am. I've come to the same place you are. So let's you and I start a club and call it "Just Me" and let's just have fun in our own skin!! And if no one likes how big our skin is, well, they don't have to look! I do the best I can to take care of myself. It's all about being happy with yourself. Again, I think you're beautiful!!!
Blessings Sweet Friend,

Ramblin Rose said...

I'm sure that whoever posted your picture did not do it as a disfavor to you. You are just who you are, the way God made you. Please accept that. We all accept you just the way you are. Our Grandma hated pictures of herself-cut them out of the photo and we can't think of anything not beautiful about her, now can we!

Jill said...

Diane, you look beautiful. Remember when we take photos we seem to gain a few pounds when we see them.It is what is inside as well that counts and you have a big heart.

The French Bear said...

Diane, you look beautiful! You have a wonderful smile and a gorgeous smile!
I am always reminded of my Mom when I look at your picture, she had the same soft skin like you, no really, I can tell from your picture, besides you have the most kind and loving personality that out shines anyone's photo!!!!
You are a sweet friend and I am sure if we lived closer we would have laughed at the silly pictures we hate of ourselves. While we were making floral arrangements or crafting or doing devotions!!!
I know that is the kind of friend you are!!!!
Margaret B

Jayne said...

We are definitely always hardest on ourselves, for like everyone else, I looked at this photo and only saw the beautiful person you are. Seriously. Why do we, as women, constantly judge ourselves so harshly? I keep reminding myself as I continually fight the weight battle that when I'm dead and gone, I doubt people will be saying, "If she'd only been thin...." YOU are BEAUTIFUL Diane, inside AND out.

Denise said...

Girl friend.. HE loves you so and HE smiles when HE sees your beautiful face. I too need to shed 40 lbs and I cry a lot and ask the Father to help me out please... You just love life and love yourself and HE will be there every step of the way.. HE wants us healthy oh yes.. but HE loves us anyway........

Hugs to you........

Z said...

Darling, a couple of years ago I was advised to lose 30 pounds. The advice made me cry, but I did it, most of it in the first year, and it's been good for my health (I wasn't *that* big, 154 lbs at the start, 126 now) and I didn't hate my body at any time, but it can be good to be brought up short. I could lose another few pounds, but I'm not sure if I will.

Laurie said...

Diane! When I first opened up this post, I had no idea it was a picture you hated. I just saw a beautiful friend with her radiant smile! Don't be so hard on yourself, God knows we all do that enough. You're gorgeous, belief it! You really are!