Friday, September 11, 2009

This Day - 9/11

I think this day is a day of personal memories and feelings as well as the public remembrance of the terrible act that was committed against our country and humanity in general.

Shortly after the attack, Cathy called, we talked about the events.

Later Brenda called, we talked about the events. Maybe I was the one who called to check on her, I can't remember now.

Later Cathy called, "I talked to Brenda but I can't get a hold of Bean have you talked to her?"

Later Brenda called, "have you talked to Cathy and Bean?"

I called Cathy, "have you talked to Bean yet?"

I called Brenda, "I talked to Cathy have you heard from Bean? "
This went on all day.
It felt good to be there with each other.

This happens with us, we need to be together.

Amanda(Bean) and her husband Gregg were living in Baltimore and Gregg was interning at Johns Hopkins Hospital. We decided they were in some awful situation. The hours ticked by, what could have happened to them? Why hadn't any of us heard from them.

Then 3:00 the phone rings -"Hi, Ma, it's Bean, I'm O.K.
Thank God!

She had started a brand new job and none of us could remember the name of the company or I'm sure we would have called and checked on her. Gregg was working in the burn unit and was doctoring many of the victims of the attack.
You remember these things......your own special remembrances. Diane


blushing rose said...

... & also on that day here in Maryland (we live near Baltimore) communications were down big time everywhere. It was truly scary the deafening silence around us. Have a great weekend. TTFN ~Marydon

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

The memories of this day,even to a Canadian,will last for a long time.It was such a heart wrenching series of events.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

I think that is what everyone did on 9/11---called to make sure their family and loved ones were okay...

You'll read about our 9/11 experience in my blog tomorrow. Ours was very different.


Jill said...

I think everyone remembers what and where they were when this happened...I remember every little detail. Hopefully no one will have to ever encounter this kind of tragedy again.
Have a great weekend Diane. :)

The French Bear said...

Diane, I will never forget that day, I watched in disbelief as the second tower was hit.... my heart goes out to everyone that was touched by this day. I still weep when I watch any show or read about some person's tragedy, it was horrible.
What makes me proud is the way everyone rallied together and even though we are here in Canada, we tried to do what we could. It was like having a sibling hurt.
The verse in the quilt says it all, it certainly made me feel different, I now sing with the anthem and mean it. (for both our countries)
Margaret B

Laurie said...

Thank God Bean and her husband were ok. We were talking about this earlier, the strange eerie feeling we all had, where we were, and how that day has effected each of us and this country. I pray we never go through this again.

Jayne said...

I think all of our minds went back to that tragic day yesterday. Everything that is important and that matters took center stage, and our lives were never the same.

Kathy McCreedy said...

Hi Diane,
What an awesome quilt... I am truly impressed that you did that with no preconceived plan or pattern... my kind of girl! It's really beautiful and very folk art-like... I really like it. And so very cool that it was finished before the first anniversary of that horrible event in our country's history. You inspire me, you really do. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog post re: Larry and family, I am forwarding all comments to Larry... I know he will appreciate yours very much! All my best, with much love, Kathy