Thursday, September 24, 2009

No Cede Sedum

As I was planting my new plants today the bees were also busy. Bees were all over this sedum. I picked it up, slid the plastic pot off, they didn't budge. I put it in the ground and pushed the soil around it, still no budging, I gave it a little soak of water and said "there it's yours." They were still on it when I went back after supper. I think they love it, don't you? (If you look about 3:00 you can see one underneath a leaf.)


The French Bear said...

That is so nice to see, there is so much worry about the bees, but not looking here!
Love all the flowers you are planting, it's going to be really gorgeous next year!
Margaret B

Betsy from Tennessee said...

The bees love our Sedum also, Diane. Yours are SO pretty... Love those colors.

Jayne said...

LOL... yes they do love it that much! :c)

Kathy McCreedy said...

Hi Diane,
Thanks so much for your kind words and generosity... I appreciate it very much. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the decision to let me go, in a department of three nurses, when I had the most seniority in the department. Our hospital goes by hospital seniority, though, and the others had more than me... though a recent memo said the policy had changed, so that seniority wasn't the ONLY factor... so the next question is, why me? I really didn't get a good answer... and that only makes me more angry. Please wish patience and understanding for me... I know I'm not alone, I just can't feeling like I want to cry. :( Thank you again, you are such a kind lady. Hugs, Kathy