Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Gift

It rained for most of the afternoon. During a break I took Rascal for his walk. The colors, washed with rain, were incredible.
Later Rascal got cold and wet so he had to get warmed up. I think he's a sunny day dog.
P. S. A couple questions - 1-How do I delete myself from being one of my followers?
2 - Whenever I post pictures I have to do the last one first. It never used to be that way, I could drag them but not now.
If anybody has answers I thank you in advance.


blushing rose said...

Love that walk pics & poochie nestled in is so cute.

Have a lovely autumn eve. TTFN ~ Marydon

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

The fall colors are gorgeous.I too have to post the last one first this can be confusing.

Laurie said...

HI Diane!
To stop following, go to the bottom of your dashboard page, where it says Add Mangage. Click on manage, then to your followers where it has you, click on Settings. Then click of Stop Following This Site.
For the pictures, What I do is add my pictures through Edit HTML instead of Compose. As I add each picture, I leave 2 spaces between each one, which will be in html code. That way, I add my pic, add the second one, highlight the bottom one, right click, cut, and paste it above, making it first. I know that sounds really confusing! When they are all added, with the spaces between each one, I click on Compose to make sure they are in the right order, then fill in with my post between the pictures.
I know it sounds really complicated, but just practice with some pictures and the Edit HTML till you have it down! Clear as mud I'm sure!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Love that picture of your Fall colors. Looks like there are alot of leaves down already...

About your questions:
No. 1--- Go into Blogger Dashboard, then on the left where all of your blogs are listed, at the bottom, you'll see the word MANAGE. Click it --and it will bring up all of the blogs you follow. Then find yours and highlight it. Go into the SETTINGS. There will be a place where you can "stop following this blog"..

No. 2-- You may be using the "New" editor. I tried it and didn't like it --so I switched back to the old editor. To check that, go into the Dashboard again, Click on settings, Click on Basic, scroll to the bottom where you have a choice as to using the old or new editor. If you change it be sure to save your settings.

Hope these help a little.

Jayne said...

He looks so snug and warm there!

I've always loaded the photos, bottom first, and never knew you could "drag" them around. The other thing I've done is moved the code if I decided to change the order, but I've always assumed you had to load them so that the bottom one is first.

Hmmm... not sure about deleting yourself from the followers list.

The French Bear said...

Yes, please find out and let us know, that's why my posts are always wonky!!!! I would love to know how to do it right.

Jill said...

Beautiful fall photo Diane and I think the rain adds to it.
You either have to add the last photo first or what I do if I forget...which is most of the time these days, lol, is to cut it and then paste it below the last one.I am constantly doing that:)

June said...

Beautiful photo and your Rascal looks so happty to bo home.
Thank you so much for coming by. I now know how to find you and enjoy your blog. Thank you for asking these questions, I have learned a lot from those who have left their comments.