Sunday, September 27, 2009

Art and My Husband

The wind was much cooler when we woke this morning, the hint of winter is definitely in the air. I just want to sit at my workbench and play with my art. However things call me that have to be done, yard work, housework, and half a lug of peaches that won't wait.
This is a picture of my husband which I took this morning. He's wearing his trusty hat "there's still a lot of use in it". Don't laugh, he hasn't patched it up with duct tape yet.
Shortly after we were married a friend asked me what my new husband does for a living I told her that he was an appliance repair man. "Oh, Diane, you're so lucky!" she said. Leonard not only fixes appliances but he also does our electrical work, plumbing, heavy yard work, carpenter work, furnace repair, and any other thing that needs fixed around our house. He chewed me out when we were first married because I took the typewriter to the repair shop. Geez! I didn't know he could do that, too.He keeps the bills paid with his appliance repair which he's done for about 40 years and has quite a few loyal clients who won't let him retire. And he does all this while he fights a nasty medical condition called lupus. I guess I am pretty lucky. Diane


Ramblin Rose said...

You really do have a diamond in the rough.THAT should be a real treasure with your creative mind.
Love, Patsy

Betsy from Tennessee said...

What a cutie, Diane. I love his smile. He looks like a man who can just fix ANYTHING. My father-in-law repaired small appliances all over the Hendersonville area for years and years. I don't think he quit doing that until he was in his 80's.... Amazing!!!

George has none of his father's gifts --when it comes to repairing things. We pay the BIG BUCKS to get things fixed here. Oh Well!!!!

Congrat, Diane. You have a KEEPER.

Jill said...

Wow Diane...your own personal handyman. Not to many can say they have that luxury. Most of us have to pay for those services and these days they are not cheap.
Lucky you!

Laurie said...

And he's looking great Diane! How lucky to have a man who can do all your repairs, and does! Ken is good at it also, just not real enthusiasically! Love the art work, and can't wait to see more of your artistic pictures!

Jayne said...

A man who can fix anything.... yep, I'd say you're lucky indeed! :c)

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Yes you are and so is Leonard,to have a loving wife like you.We need to cherish our spouse and tell them so daily.

The French Bear said...

Ahhh, now that's a wonderful strong and trusting smiling face!!!! I just think it is so neat to have someone who can fix anything!!!! What is it the Dutchman says, "Jack of all trades, Master of none"!!!!
I love that he can fix anything! We are so blessed!!!
Margaret B