Friday, August 28, 2009


Zinnias are such no-nonsense flowers. Whenever I see zinnias I always think of an old schoolhouse I saw once. All along the side bright, colorful zinnias grew- they just seemed perfect there.

Whenever I think of the existence of God, I think of zinnias. Their perfectly arranged petals, sometimes many but always in perfect order always make me know that God created such perfection and He has surely created everything else. Some people think of the creation of the human body or animal for that matter and how perfect they're created. For some reason just looking at a zinnia assures me. Diane


Denise said...

Is that special or what! What a beautiful thing to say! I have beautiful purple Zinnias in my garden. I am trying to go all purple and yellow around my house and this year I planted purple ones! They are beautiful! I have been missing a while but hope to get back out here and visit! Hope you are well and have enjoyed your summer!

Jayne said...

They are such cheerful flowers, aren't they? When grown together, it's a kaleidoscope of color!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I love the zinnia in pink,so pretty.Yes,when I look at the details of a flower or for that matter any bird,I can't help but see the hand of God.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Neat post, Diane, comparing Zinnias to the existence of God.... God does make PERFECT things--and it's too bad that we humans seem to mess them up alot.

I do love Zinnias.