Saturday, August 29, 2009

Takes All Kinds

I was just reading Denise's blog and it reminded me of myself picking out paint. I love colors. However it presents a problem when I'm trying to make up my mind or I know exactly what I want.

One day I was at the Ace hardware picking out the perfect paint for the door of my cottage. With all the colors to choose from I was trying to make up my mind between "marshmallow pink" and "angel pink"(fictitious names). I was walking back and forth and comparing them to the sample of wild plum which was on the rest of the building. It was fun. I was lost in my own colorful paint world.

Then I noticed a lady who was obviously from a farm or ranch. She had that no nonsense look about her and wore a smashed down hat and belt that she had to have to keep her jeans up. She was looking at me with a disgusted look (I wasn't holding her up or anything, I had told the clerk that I'd let him know when I needed help). When he asked her if he could help her she almost glared at me and told him "I want some green paint, just plain green paint!"

I finally got the perfect pink paint and I chuckled about her all the way home. Diane


Jill said...

Oh those decisions.. I think we all take our time with the colors of paint. Actually I always pick out about a dozen different shade and bring the paint chips home but still can never really make up my mind. Oh well I guess she knew what she wanted...just plain which one would that be, lol.
Have a great Sunday Diane.
Jill :):)

The French Bear said...

AHHHH She really wanted your spirit, brave enough to buy pink paint!!! he he, yes it takes all kinds!
Margaret B

Jayne said...

There is just nothing like trying to find "that" exact shade you are looking for, is there? LOL at the lady who just wanted "green paint." Uh, is that a green green, a blue green, a gold green?????

a mermaids purse said...

hee hee i like your little story- some people have strange habbits thats why its great we are all so unique! its fun watching others i often do it...there's a little old lady who's always in the local corner shop near where i live- she never buys anything but she has a great chat about all her neighbours to the busy shop assistant- i do giggle ;0)
i am a 'choosy' person when it comes to colour- i like light shades-pastels- nothing too dark!
glad i found your blog x

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I just bet you were happier with your paint selection than she was with hers.Not to mention,that you enjoyed the experience.Have fun in the cottage and smile everytime you see that perfectly painted door.:)

Denise said...

Now that is funny! Have we ever seen a picture of your cottage? I would love to see that pink! AND when it comes to paint on my house you should see the back north east corner. It is my test side and there are many different colors of baby poo mustard green. Paint sometimes looks good in the can but TERRIBLE on the surface of what we are painting. BUT finally I am able to cover up that patchwork of trial and error and my beautiful color will shine like the sun! hahahha I will take pictures! (Wonder what she was painting green, just plain green?)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Cute post, Diane. Yes---it takes all kinds. We are all different, aren't we??? Some of us like everything PLAIN --and others of us like something a little fancier and just perfect for us...

The thing we ALL need to do is to learn to accept each other --and our differences and not get so angry or uptight because people are different from us. As the old saying goes, "why can't we just get along?"