Sunday, August 9, 2009

Our Way of Celebrating

We chose to go to the mountains today to celebrate our anniversary. Leonard asked me if I wanted to go out for supper and I said no, I'd rather go to the mountains, wouldn't you. We hadn't been up for a long time due to his health and I guess mine, too, although I hate to admit it. The first picture is Park Reservoir, quite large. I love to go there because there's a beach and sand and lots of water. It was kind of cloudy and rainy but it was a wonderful way for us to celebrate.
Here he's studying out the situation to see if he wants to fish a little. This is the afterbay beneath the reservoir. Diane


Bella Dreams said...

Well FINALLY, a blogger from Wyoming!! I was beginning to think that they didn't exist! Wyoming and the beauty of the mountains runs through my blood! I can smell the pine and feel the cool mountain air just looking at your pics. I am so excited to have found you!

Jill said...

Happy Anniversary Diane and Leonard and may you celebrate many more wonderful years together.

Jayne said...

Oh, I'd much rather go to the mountains too Diane! Happy Anniversary to the both of you!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

What a perfect way to celebrate.Happy Anniversary.I too would have made the same choice.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Happy Anniversary, Diane. Great picture of Leonard with Rascal. I would choose the mountains also --over eating out. Of course, it would be nice to do both... ha

I'm so envious of you on those mountains---with jackets on!!!!! It's hot hot hot here. Yuk!!!

Thanks for sharing.