Friday, August 21, 2009

The Cottage

I thought it might be time to reissue the invitation for you to come into my little cottage. It's one of my favorite places in the world. My husband built it for me three years ago and it's been delightful.

Inside I've put things that please me. Some are childish, some aren't but they all make me happy to look at.

This white chair (not the wicker) I got for $5.00. I got the days wrong and stopped by a garage sale at the Women's Center which had been the day before. This chair was set next to other stuff which was destined for the end of the road. One of the girls was looking out the window from her desk and came out. She said I could have it for $5.00 if I wanted it. I called Leonard on my cell phone (kept for just such emergencies) and he brought his pickup and we got it into the cottage. It's incredibly comfortable and very clean.

I love this saying so I painted it for above the window and decorated it with a wasp nest above it.
It's just 8x10 so I think you just had the grand tour. Please sit down, take the best chair, and I hope you feel just as good in my little cottage as I do.


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Your cottage looks so welcoming.Thanks for inviting me in.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh I love your little cottage, Diane. What a neat place to meditate, to read, or just to get away from the nitty-gritty. I love that angel sitting in there with you. And your white chair was a fabulous buy... Wow!!!!

Have a great Saturday and enjoy your cottage.

Laurie said...

I think fondly of your cottage often Diane, and whenever I look at the pictures, I know one day I will have one of these great places of my own to enjoy! thanks for sharing with us!

Jayne said...

Such a wonderfully serene getaway place Diane! :c)

Jill said...

Diane, it is such a nice little get away. Maybe one day I will get to see it. I love how it is furnished and the plaque you made is beautiful.

The French Bear said...

You are so lucky!!! What a wonderful place to visit each day, you must love it!!! I hope you have had a wonderful summer so far, with your trips and your beautiful garden!!! I have been a little ill, but I hope to get all caught up with my blogger friends soon!!!
Take care!
Margaret B