Tuesday, August 4, 2009


August feels like kind of an 11th hour to me. The last month of summer. The last month to get up to the mountains before next year. The last month to try to make any sense to the flower beds before September. The last month to get my cottage painted if I'm going to this year.

It's the last month to savor long summer evenings, to smell the summer rainstorms, to sit out in the yard and just listen to the bees buzzing and watch the butterflies.

Next month it's different. Savor August. Diane


blushing rose said...

Where do you live? We get to savor until the end of Sept. our summer here. TTFN ~Marydon

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

A lovely rose.For me August is the last month of summer holidays,back to the school bus come September.Enjoy the days,to their fullest.

Jayne said...

We start school TOMORROW, if you can believe it. So, it fully almost feels like summer is over. :c(
It's during this time that I am weary of the heat and ready for the fall though.