Friday, July 17, 2009

Needles and Pins

Winter and summer, snow and somersaults it sat there on Grandma's night stand. I never saw it at her sewing machine, a harder working pin cushion sat there. It must have been given to her by a friend to have such an honored place. Grandma slept in the upstairs room which I thought was magical. It seemed to be where she kept all of her treasured things, along with the herbs she was drying and the curing bars of soap. The pincushion always took my attention as it did my sister, Jennie's. The tiny little seat lifted up to reveal odds and ends of buttons and curious little things. No matter how often we visited her bedroom we always had to check and see if there were any new additions inside the seat. I'd love to have Grandma here today so I could sneak upstairs and look at her little pincushion.

Thanks to Kim at Daisy Cottage for her post today on Little Chairs for bringing back this memory.



Jill said...

I love what you have blogged today.How special your grandma must have been.:)

Laurie said...

And your memory brought back so many happy ones for me with my Gramma, and her wonderful upstairs that held so many special finds! Thanks Diane!

Jayne said...

It's amazing that the things we remember so well are usually the small ones. What a sweet memory Diane. :c)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

I wish I had have had a grandparent to remember.. All of mine were dead when I was born. But---I do have memories of some great aunts that are special.

Isn't it great that we all do have memories???? I want my grandchildren to remember me --as a person who loves life, loves hiking and waterfalling, loves the birds, and loves family.

Glad you have that memory of your grandmother's pincushion.

Have a great weekend.