Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Last spring I wrote the post on Kevin's garden, maybe you remember it. Although he moved away his beautiful garden is still blessing all who drive down the street. Although it's unkempt and uncared for it still gives joy to passers by. When I stopped and took these photos a sweet lady came by with her little dog and we talked about how beautiful the flowers still are.
It just goes to show you that when you cast seeds of beauty and friendship you never know how far they will go.



Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Beautiful flowers.Friendships and flowers both bring joy to the heart.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Diane, I remember you talking about Kevin's garden. It's sad that nobody is taking care of it now.

Love the poppies... Gorgeous!!!

Denise said...

Oh my gosh... Look at those poppies! How beautiful is this post girl friend.. And how beautiful the statement made about the seeds of friendship...

Jayne said...

And the flowers just keep on blooming! Love it!

The French Bear said...

Wow, look at those gorgeous poppies!!!!
Margaret B

Laurie said...

The poppies remind me of Mom's garden at the house. They were beautiful. Did anyone else buy the property? What happened with the land, and can it be preserved somehow? It would be a shame to see it disappear with time.

sinnlighet said...

Ohhhhh....Must tell your, I looove your blogg!!!

Agneta from Sweden

SweetAnnee said...

Oh are they not aweseome
I love the inside ...and the seed pods..
love from me, Deena