Friday, June 26, 2009


When you drive past a home that is unloved and uncared for have you ever wonder why? Is it because the owners are no longer physically able, or just weren't the type to take good care of anything? Or do you think maybe the woman once tried hard and loved her flowers and yard very much but was hampered by a husband who constantly threw roadblocks in her way until she gradually just gave up. Then the woman just gradually quit going outside and strolling through her once beautiful flowers because they were actually no longer hers and it was just too painful? I think of it - often. Diane


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Perhaps at any given time we all have reasons to give up,BUT,on the other hand we have so many reasons not to give up.I enjoyed the pink Roses.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Well---I see this happening to an extent to my inlaws' home. Both Mom and Dad used to have a fabulous yard --and grew all kinds of flowers. NOW--since they can't see, the poor flowers keep blooming; however the weeds are growing also and winning the battle.

We have volunteers who come in and mow for them---and about once a year, the church sends a group who will weed some. BUT--all in all, nothing looks are good as it did a couple of years ago. It is SAD!!!


Laurie said...

Wonderful statement Ruth, I feel the same way Diane, how something so beautiful, and obviously at one time very loved and pampered over, can come to such disaray. Maybe someday it will be put back to it's past splendor. One can hope!
Thanks for the comment also on my poem.

Jayne said...

You'd have to think that if there are flowers planted, someone put them there, and probably wish they could care for them as they used to. But, it is sad that as people become unable, many times, there is no one to pull the weeds and keep order in the garden.

Denise said...

My little grandmother had such a beautiful yard with flowers and fruit trees and grape vines and such.. Years after she went to be with the Father God they sold her property to others that just did not care....... All the fruit trees are gone and only grass where the beautiful flowers grew! I have the pictures tucked away in my mind... They are safe there.....