Saturday, June 20, 2009

Old Yellow Rose Bush

I almost missed this precious gem and it's practically in my own backyard, growing in the alley. There is a lot to be said about these old yellow roses that for some unknown reason were planted along the alley! Why do you suppose they did that? I know they never used to place the importance on flowers that we do, relegating them to a little flower bed to "stay there and behave themselves". I guess the gardens were for food and it was serious business and flowers were just frivolity. I'm glad things have changed a little. Now we even eat the flowers! Diane


Karen Valentine said...

Hi Diane! Your flowers are so beautiful! What a little piece of Heaven you have. I'm very happy you are joing me for the WBC party. I think it will be lots of fun and very inspirational!

My Desert Cottage

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Diane, I cannot believe that those roses are doing so well. Roses usually need to be 'babied'--like ours. But--maybe yours are a different kind. They are pretty though...

Have a wonderful Father's Day.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Thank-you,Thank-you,for this pot.I remember these roses from my childhood.On Father's Day my Mother would go to the garden and pick a few to put at Dad's place for breakfast.Now that was love in action.Thanks again for renewing these memories.