Friday, June 5, 2009

The Joy of Weeding

Today for the first time in a long time I got lost in working in my flower beds. It was wonderful! While Rascal lay beside me and protected me from dragons, ax murderers or raiding squirrels we happily passed the perfectly wonderful day. I got one flower bed done. I may get another done in a few days, it's raining now and probably will all weekend. Diane


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Okay Friend of Mine, Once you finish your weeding, we'll save some of ours for you to do here.... Okay??????? ha ha

Love those Irises. SO pretty!!! Love the colors.


Laurie said...

I LOVE Irises Diane, and these are beautiful! I need to plant some in my flower beds, sounds like a plan!

Deborah@ The Painted Nest said...

Diane, Thank-you so much for stopping by today to visit for a while,and for your sweet comment!! I love the pics of the bumble bee and the honey bees!!!!Your iris are beautiful!!!I'll bet you have a wonderful garden!!!Weeding is a never ending job but the results are so worth it! I'm going to post some of my art soon! I've been pretty busy in the studio trying to finish up a few things. Do stop by as often as you like, I love having company~~after all I am a southern gal!!!Blessings Always, Deborah

Jayne said...

Look at it this way... the rain will make the weeding much easier! :c)

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

You probably need that rain so you can give those tired muscles a rest.Beautiful Irises.