Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Nothing is more exciting to me than new paper. I found this amazing set today at Buffalo and I can't wait to create with it. So if you don't hear from me for a while you'll know why (just kidding). Aren't they pretty. I wish I could show them all to you. Here's one more
God bless you, Diane


Laurie said...

Oh I love these papers Diane! We're going to an out of town scrapbook store about half an hour away, none around here! Can't wait to get my hands on papers, like I need more! It's like fabric, you never have too much.
Totally enjoyed talking to you today, what a special treat!

Denise said...

hey girl! Pretty Paper... Thanks for coming by and sorry I have been away........ I am going to try and read some of your posts and see what you have been up to..... AND I looked for your snail mailing address today and I do not have...... sooooooooo if you care to, go to my blog and go to my dashboard and send me an email with your address.... You never know!

Hugs and blessings for your Easter Sunday.....

Jayne said...

Pretty, pretty! Have fun!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Beautiful paoer,can't wait to see what you will create with it.