Saturday, April 18, 2009


Did you ever do something so goofy that there was nothing left to do but laugh, too??

The other day I was at SA for my weekly treasure hunt. I know everyone out there and since I had my antique shop they feel they can ask my advice on something they don't know the value of. They know that I'll give them an honest answer and I'm happy to do it. The manager called my name and I thought he signalled for me to follow him because he wanted to ask me about an item. I followed him and he was walking faster and faster and circling around straightening things as he went. Finally he disappeared into one of the rooms so I waited to see where he went. He came out and looked at me looking at him. "Did you want to see me, Calvin?' He started laughing. "No, Diane, I just said hi and waved at you!" I was almost in tears from laughing so hard. I decided that if a man says hi to me I'll follow him anywhere!!!


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

That is funny and I'm glad you were able to laugh about it.

Denise said...

Oh that is funny........ Could have been worse...! Got to just laugh about those type of things........ did you find any treasures?

Laurie said...

Too funny Diane, was he cute?

Jayne said...

My husband did just that yesterday. We went over to meet our new neighbors across the street. He happens to work with the wife. We walked into their home, and he was introducing me to her, when she turned and said, "And that's my husband Kyle," as he came out of the kitchen. Without thinking, instead of introducing me to Kyle, he said, "And this is your wife, Rhonda." LOLOLOL... I almost snorted. We laughed all the way out the door.

SweetAnnee said...

I laughed out loud..even had to tell hubby
you're so sweet to share.

love ya,

Daisy Cottage said...

Oh that is too funny and YOU are too cute!!!